Oil Over Latex Then Latex Over Oil

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

HELP!!! I painted 1 dining room wall latex eggshell sand. 1 YEAR LATER I decided I wanted a deep red. I asked the man at Lowes for eggshell latex. I was busy and when I picked up the paint I only checked the color. I didn’t notice the can said oil base semi-gloss. I noticed later but decided to use the paint anyway.

Unfortunately imperfections on the wall showed due to the semi-gloss I suppose (wall is paneling, I filled the lines in). The imperfections didn’t show up under the sand eggshell. So I DECIDED to get the right paint, again. I scuffed the walls with a palm sander and wiped. Next I put latex eggshell over oil semi-gloss (same color deep red). It was still shinier than I wanted but when I got up the next morning and as the day went on the paint continued to shine more and more. This morning the walls felt a little tacky which I thought was odd, it should have dried. Several hours later the walls were wet like with water, not sticky. I wiped the walls down good and it was as if I were wiping off oil, lots of oil. I’m totally baffled. How do I fix this? What happened to cause this?

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