Old Barn Paint

Gloria asked 10 years ago

We have an older farm home that was painted with white barn paint approximately 22 years ago. Amazingly the paint has held up fairly well. We now want to change the colour to a darker grey. (with latex paint) Can we just paint over it or do we prime or do we have to sand the whole house. (two story)

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Try a sample area and see… but always CLEAN the area to be painted first… use TSP Cleaner and water and rag… and garden hose… let dry for several hours in direct sunlight… do NOT use Pressure Washing… acrylic over either oil or acrylic will work, provided you use a high quality brand… Sherwin Williams A-100, use a Gloss or Semi Gloss or Satin finish… Brush & Roll for best results (avoid spraying) Good Luck!