Old Paint

sandy asked 10 years ago

We have a almost full gallon of paint that’s been sitting in the basement a year or longer. Is it safe to use it? Thanks!

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

You will have to open the can to see if it is still good. Here's some things to leek for;

1) Thickness. Is the paint still a liquid? Very thick paint can be thinned by adding solvent, water for latex paints or mineral spirits for oil base paints. As long as the paint isn't solid or rubbery it is still good.

2) The smell. When latex/acrylic paints are past their prime they can smell horrible, rotten.

3) Is there visible mold growth on top of the paint?

You get the idea. Bad paint will be recognizable. Well sealed from air paint can last for years.

JT Creations, LLC answered.

Something I advise customers when storing old cans. First, know the lids are on very tight. Second, store the cans upside down. This method allows the liquid to stop air from circulating and helps the paint last longer.