One wall 2 different colors.

Janet asked 10 years ago

I have one long wall that goes into my dining/living room. The only thing divided it is a door frame in the middle of the wall. How can I paint each area different and make it look right. There is nothing dividing it at the top of the door frame.

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Anonymous answered.

In order to make a stunning paint appearance along your long wall, consider the following:
1). Take into account what color paint you are using. Since you want to utilize different colors, the transition will need consideration of which colors will make for an appealing look.

2). The door that separates your area, is a benefit. Make this the centerpiece of the transition.

3). Since you are creating a unique look, make the paint work for you. Make the colors appealing and let those walking into your home delight in your color scheme!

Anonymous answered.

Pick one color that will match both rooms. If you want, paint the baseboards and door frame a different color. No matter what you do, it will look odd if one wall is painted two different colors, especially if there is no divider. So find a color that will work well with both rooms and decorate accordingly.

Anonymous answered.

You don't. As a rule you should change color after a 90 degree turn.