Open Concept House – Kitchen Island Wall Color

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Aaron asked 10 years ago

We built our house about three years ago, and due to some scheduling conflicts between the painters’ availability and when we scheduled the movers, the walls were left painted white. We are now in the process of putting some colors on the walls. The house has an open concept, where the kitchen is open into the living room with a large arch separating the two rooms. The kitchen has a work island/breakfast bar with a dry-walled wall on the outside face of it. The counters of the kitchen are a light tan with blues and reds swirled in them. When you look into the kitchen from the living room, you see this snack counter.

We are painting the living room a light tan color with a dark red accent wall, and the kitchen is going to be a light blue color. My question is what color should the snack counter wall be? My thought was that it should be the same tan color as the living room to tie the two rooms together. But I am worried about it looking out of place when the rest of the kitchen walls are the light blue. Or should it be the same dark red as the accent wall?

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MagicDave answered.

It's up to you, there's no real rule… but a good fall back is to paint it white when in doubt (use a semi gloss finish regardless)…