What are my options when chipping lead paint is found under wallpaper?

Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I bought a house built in 1930.  We didn’t move our stuff in yet as we wanted to rip off the old wallpaper and put some fresh paint on the walls.  After ripping of the wallpaper we saw several large cracks in the plaster behind the paper.  Around each crack was a lot of paint chips and cracking.  I bought a DIY lead tester from Home Depot and the results came back positive for lead.

I was wondering what my options are for somebody who doesn’t have a lot of money?  Can you dry wall over plaster that has chipping lead paint? Or is my only option to pay to have it professionally removed?

2 Answers
MagicDave Staff answered 2 years ago

If you don’t have little children living there, don’t worry too much… even if you eat one small chip of the lead based paint it won’t hurt you as an adult… but yes you can dry wall over it, or seal it in with an oil base sealer…

crowderpainting Staff answered 2 years ago

When on a budget the best option is to seal off the work area (plastic from ceiling to floor) to minimize dust getting into other areas, while wearing proper protection (dust mask and disposable clothing) crape off all loose paint then prime to seal the walls.  Now repair the cracks and paint as usual. 
Make sure to clean up well to remove any trace of lead dust from the room.
You can attached new drywall panels to your walls as an alternative but this is more expensive and time consuming.