Orange Peel Paint

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I want to apply orange peel texture to my hallway ceiling. How do I apply it manually?

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well this is where you must have experience, painters can train for years to get Texturing down pat. You could try using cans from Menard's or Lowes texture in a can, but they cost a lot and cover very little and there is no room for errors. My advice call a contractor one with references. Good Luck

Thank you
Adam Cavenagh

Crowder Painting answered.

Orange peel is applied with a texturing hopper gun and air compressor, mechanically applied. These can be rented but it is difficult to get it right. It all comes down to the mixed, thinned, drywall mud and the right size texturing tip on the gun.

If you plan on doing this your self I recommend practicing, perhaps on a large scrape piece of drywall (sheet rock).