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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

17 years ago we had cabinets made that were “triple bleached”. Its a sort of pickling. They were beige in color. However, over the years they have peeled were moisture was and have yellowed. I would like to paint them white but do not want the stress of chipping paint in the future. How should I start this process? Sand? Prime? How do I help paint from chipping in high stress areas?
Thank you

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

1) Clean all surfaces with a good cleaner, TSP will work well.

2)Now remove any peeling paint and then sand to smooth out the paint edges. Continue to sand all areas you plan on painting.

3) Vacuum and wipe down with a damp cloth to remove the sanding dust.

4) Prime with a good oil based primer, Kilz or Zinsser Cover Stain will go a good job.

Now you can paint. Apply several thin coats instead of 1-2 thick ones. This will look better and last longer.