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John asked 10 years ago

I bought a new 50mm Legend Pal paint brush and it has started to spread out in the middle. I leave it in a 4 liter paint pot on a pot hook with water just below the ferrell when not using it. When using it in acrylic it retains its shape some what, but when I do a bit more it seems to spread out in the middle?

I am a painter by trade and this is the first time this has happened and have used Legend brushes in the past.

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

I have had many brushes loose their shape and not work well, even though they are still good brushes. In these situations, I wash the brush. spin it to remove excess water, comb the bristles straight and wrap it tightly with masking paper or news paper. I allow the brush to dry while wrapped. The brush seems to regain its shape and keep it longer.

Although I don't know exactly why they loose their shape, I think the plastic synthetic filaments have a memory and need to be reminded from time to time what shape they need to have and hold.

Anonymous answered.

I'm a professional painter and have been impressed with LEGEND brushes for 15 years or so. My experience is only using them in acrylic. Washing thoroughly is essential especially working water up into the stock. I hold the bristle tips around tap turn on water and pump brush up to balloon the stock open till only clear water flows. I then rub along my palm the bristles where they meet the ferrule to remove any dried paint. If brush goes out of shape I stand brush in boiling water then lay it in required shape and run cold water over it. This resets the shape, store in this position
and brush will give long service. I have never used a comb on my brushes. Hope this helps you get best from your brushes