Paint color for front door and trim?

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

House is cream yellow vinyl siding with Spanish moss colored shutters. Roof is weathered wood color shingles. What color is best for front door, that will make it “pop”? And what color will work for house trim?

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Anonymous answered.

A dark brown color will look good for the front door. The dark brown color will enhance the look of it and combine with the cream yellow house. The light and dark combination will enhance both the door and trim. So, I suggest the dark brown for front door.

For the house trim, the best color I can suggest is a light brown. The light shade will suit the trim and it won't show much that it has been trimmed.

Anonymous answered.

The best color for the door would be a crimson colored door as this color contrasts with the cream and the wood colored siding and roof. Any variants of the red color can be recommended.