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Kathy Kopfhammer asked 10 years ago

We are remodeling our house and are doing a bedroom upstairs for our 8yr old daughter. The room gets medium light. There is a big window on the north wall. The ceiling slants down on 2 sides and is a lighter pine(wood). We put an Autumn forest wall mural on one wall and would like to paint the rest of the room green, but cannot pick the right green. We’d like it to be a nature-inspired green that goes with the mural (which has lots of greens in it) and not be too light or too dark..a medium green that has a rich warmth to it. We do not want it to be too babyish or one you would definitely see in a child’s room (lime, green apple etc) or too “dusty” green. We were possibly thinking of doing a main color green and then a bit lighter green on the window wall as it gets the least light. Any suggestions of specific paint colors by name of color and who makes it would be greatly appreciated. Looking at Behr, Pittsburgh paints, Glidden, Valspar, Ace and Sherwin-Williams. We would like to paint as soon as possible.

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Anonymous answered.

Glidden's Spring Green is a great colour for that kind of situation, it has a natural feel and it's light enough that you don't have to use two shades and risk them interacting badly. You could also ask your daughter, kids love being involved!

Anonymous answered.

For your daughter's room, I would look at Sherwin Williams colors 6461: "Isle of Pines" and 6458: "restful" The first would be a great looking, earthy green and the second would provide a lighter complement.