Paint colors for a long room.

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I have a long living room 12×33. I have a gray blue carpet. We are getting new dark brown leather furniture in the next few weeks. I would like to paint the living room before then. I was thinking a light/medium blue on the long walls and a rich chocolate brown on the two shorter walls. Would this make the room appear wider? Should I paint the shorter walls a lighter color? Please help. Thank you!

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Deff. a tough decision… my living room sounds very similar. I think a few different factors come into play here. I also have dark chocolate furniture and I must say I absolutely love the look of it against a light wall, it kinda shows the furniture off more and it doesn't blend into the wall color brown on brown. Having said that I think if it were me I may just end up painting the entire room one color or just one brown wall (maybe the wall with tv/fire place, if that happened to be on one of the short wall.) Long story short… -All one color OR -Just one accent wall Good luck! Hope this helps…

Anonymous answered.

In my opinion the chocolate brown would be more suited for the longer walls and the light/medium blue on the short walls if you want to make the room appear wider. I also believe, however, that combination might make the room too dark when combined with your dark brown leather furniture. I would suggest going with a very light, almost beige brown, for the short walls and sticking with the light/medium blue on the long walls. That should make the room appear wider while, at the same time, not so oppressively dark.