Paint cracking and crackling in bathroom.

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Tynetta McCraw asked 9 years ago

Both of my bathrooms were painted prior to moving in. Months after moving in they have cracked and peeled. What can I do to?

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Hello Tynetta,

I am lead to believe, that this is due to to much moisture. I would need more information on it. Although if my suspicions are correct. I think that your exhaust fans may not be adequate enough. Also if there is moisture coming in from the windows, this would cause the paint to peel and crack.

I would suggest removing the loose paint followed by sanding real well. Then Apply a coat of Primer I use Kilz Original Oil Based primer. then repaint with two coats of a good quality latex semi-gloss.

Anonymous answered.

Thank you Steven, One of the restrooms had a fan and one doesn't. I will follow your suggestions and let you know what happens! Thanks!