Paint feels tacky and objects stick to the surface.

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Darrell asked 10 years ago

I recently painted some Masonite material that had old oil based paint on it. I sanded it and applied latex enamel, with eggshell finish. I did not use a primer. After drying several days, the paint feels tacky and when objects are place on the surface they stick enough to pull the paint off. What do I do now?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Some water based paints can take a long time to harden, this is true for semi-gloss. You could leave everything off and just wait for a few more days. If the paint is still tacky you will need to prime it and start over. Use a good quick drying oil base primer, regular Kilz or Zinsser Cover Stain should work.

The primer won't fix the paint underneath but it will form a hard film that can be painted over.

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