Paint for a bathroom with dark oak molding?

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Kim asked 10 years ago

I live in a 100 yr old farmhouse that has all the original medium dark oak molding. I need ideas for bathroom wall colors. I cannot replace the sage green vanity counter, so I need ideas that will work nicely with the counter.

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Anonymous answered.

I think off-white paint would work best. It would lighten up the room and it matches with both the dark wood and the green counter. I would also recommend that you use semi-gloss paint.

Anonymous answered.

It varies on what mood you would like to portray in your bathroom. If your looking for a more neutral, muted type of space, stick with earthy tones such as tan or a lighter/darker shade of green than your vanity. If you have more of a flair for the dramatic, and want the space to "pop" more, red is good choice. I know, it may sound christmas-y, but given how many shades of red and green are out there, some of the combinations go very well together. If your vanity is the color sage I have in mind, a deep darker type red would be what I would look for.