Paint for Wood or any help please!!

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago


I’m having trouble getting my cabinets that are made of solid birch and plywood to accept the oil-based wipe on stain I’m using. I got it from Austin Hardwoods and was told by the guy on what to do but I’m having trouble. So I was wondering if there is a brand of paint that will give me similar results to the dark espresso finish I’m aiming for? I don’t mind if the grain is not so obvious but would still like a little to show if that’s even possible.

Or if anyone can help me with how I can get my cabinets to a darker stain. Btw, the old finish it had on it was a white-wash so I stripped it,sanded it as much as I can,and thought I removed a majority of it but when I did a test stain,I noticed the parts that still had a layer of the old finish and that caused a lot of unevenness with the stain 🙁

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