Paint for Wood or any help please!!

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago


I’m having trouble getting my cabinets that are made of solid birch and plywood to accept the oil-based wipe on stain I’m using. I got it from Austin Hardwoods and was told by the guy on what to do but I’m having trouble. So I was wondering if there is a brand of paint that will give me similar results to the dark espresso finish I’m aiming for? I don’t mind if the grain is not so obvious but would still like a little to show if that’s even possible.

Or if anyone can help me with how I can get my cabinets to a darker stain. Btw, the old finish it had on it was a white-wash so I stripped it,sanded it as much as I can,and thought I removed a majority of it but when I did a test stain,I noticed the parts that still had a layer of the old finish and that caused a lot of unevenness with the stain 🙁

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

I recently had a set of cabinets to finish and stain them with the color chosen by the homeowner. She did not like them when we completed them.

Turns out what she wanted was for the cabinets to be extremely dark and for the grain to not show but to not hide the texture of the wood as does paint.

After some consideration, I used an Exterior Waterbourne Solid Body (Color) stain from Sherwin Williams.

After allowing this to dry overnight, we applied three coats of S. W. Waterbourne Satin Clear finish.

I believe this will both, stop the uneven results you are getting with the birch plywood, and will hide the unevenness caused by the remaining previous stain.

You will notice with the solid stain, it is not a paint and will allow the look of a deep, varnished stain.