Paint issue 1 month after paint completion.

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago

I am having an issue with a bathroom that I had painted recently. 1 month ago I painted the interior master bathroom with Lowe’s semi-gloss paint. It did not go on well and I needed to use multiple coats (in some areas up to 4 coats). I placed fans in the bathroom to circulate the air and help dry. There are no windows in the bathroom, only a fan in the ceiling. The paint was still tacky even 2 weeks after I finished. I assume that was due to multiple coats and that it would just take longer.

The paint is no longer tacky at all, however, the entire bathroom smells like pickles. Yes, pickles. It is terrible and is making us sick. Do you have any idea of what this is or how to fix it? I am at a loss here and we have been living in the guest room for over a month. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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Anonymous answered.

We have not been in our bedroom for 15 months as we painted the ceiling with Sherwin Williams lo voc paint and it smelled immediately but we thought it would go away. Used Kilz primer, an oil based primer, repainted, even got a primer what Sherwin Williams said would eliminate all odors but did not work. Sherwin Williams said they could not analyze the paint as there were too many coats. Next step is to shellac it I guess. Any other ideas. We tore out our carpet and washed walls also. If shellac does not work will have to rip out ceiling. Please help.

Crowder Painting answered.

Shellac primer is a good start. But, you should have someone inspect the room; identifying what the smell really is will go a long way to figuring out what to do. Do you still have the old paint can? This could be annualized by Sherwin Williams.

Personally, I think Sherwin Williams should do everything it can to help you, even if the smell isn't the paint.

If shellac primer doesn't work contact a lawyer and proceed from there.

Anonymous answered.

I took the paint can back and they did not question it and gave me a new can which we never used, so the paint is gone.. Sherwin Williams did come out and gave us a paint they said covers all smells but it did not work. I have had contractors and painters and Sherwin Williams come out and they all said it is the paint. It is only the ceiling. Do you think it is that lo voc?

Crowder Painting answered.

Most likely it is the paint. But, here an idea that could prove useful; Is there an attic or open space above this room? If there is, is the smell present in this space? The reason I'm asking is it might be possible the smell is seeping into the room. Sealing just one side of the ceiling might not be enough.

The best approach right now is two fold; Apply 2 coats of shellack primer and keep all receipts of any money you have spent up to now dealing with this smell.

Shellack primer is very smelly, alcohol based, so use caution. Plenty of ventilation is needed and 1-2 hours dry time between each coat. Allow to dry and ventilate the room for a few days and then find out if the smell is gone. Don't apply paint just yet, lets find out is the smell is sealed out first.

If the smell still persists then the only idea I have is replacing the ceiling. I hope it doesn't come to that.

I would let Sherwin Williams know exactly what you have gone through and what your plans are to resolve this issue. If they are smart they will take responsibility and find a solution that will work for both of you, and pay for it themselves.

To be honest I have used many Sherwin Williams products and only had 1 problem. Used Super Paint interior, it did have a fairly strong smell but dissipated after a couple days. My favorite SW interior paint is Harmony but I also use lots of ProMar 200 Zero without any problems.

Anonymous answered.

Lowes, home depot, many other paints have same issue. I had them tint Bin (gal can full so take little out after mixing to add tint) Painted four coats and year later smell gone. Companies won't admit problem. I went through painting the room over repeatedly before finding Bin.