Paint issue 1 month after paint completion.

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I am having an issue with a bathroom that I had painted recently. 1 month ago I painted the interior master bathroom with Lowe’s semi-gloss paint. It did not go on well and I needed to use multiple coats (in some areas up to 4 coats). I placed fans in the bathroom to circulate the air and help dry. There are no windows in the bathroom, only a fan in the ceiling. The paint was still tacky even 2 weeks after I finished. I assume that was due to multiple coats and that it would just take longer.

The paint is no longer tacky at all, however, the entire bathroom smells like pickles. Yes, pickles. It is terrible and is making us sick. Do you have any idea of what this is or how to fix it? I am at a loss here and we have been living in the guest room for over a month. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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h82paint answered.

I had an awful experience with low voc paint smell.  It was in the room for over a month before I found this solution.  First here is what does not work:  opening windows makes it worse.  Fans blowing 24/7 has no effect.  Painting over it with shellac primer (the real stuff, not the synthetic shellac) stopped the odor for a few days, but it then came back worse.  An Ozone generator did not work either. The Solution:  Buy activated Charcoal (also called activated carbon).  I got mine in the aquarium section at walmart for about $5 and then spread it out on a pan in the room.  Heat up the room with a space heater.  I kept my room at about 80-95 degrees.  Run a fan and also a dehumidifier in the room and empty it regularly.  I did this routine for about 3 days to finally get rid of the smell.  The heat draws out the low voc vapors and the carbon and dehumidifier catches it. That’s the solution.  If it works for you then please repost so others know how to get rid of it also.

Tami answered.

h82paint – did your solution work?

MagicDave answered.

Next time use High Quality Paint… Sherwin Williams or Behr…

Katherine answered.

Haha I used a high quality Shewin Williams…from Lowes…and had the same pickle result as the other writer who used the lower grade Lowes paint.

MagicDave answered.

Lowes doesn’t sell Sherwin Williams Paint… think again… or it could have been a changed label or mixup of some kind… always buy directly from a Sherwin Williams Store