Paint job took two years and everything peeled and cracked.

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Kathleen Essman asked 10 years ago

Several years ago my husband painted our living room, dining room and hallway. With limited time to devote, he sanded, spackled and primed. However, he waited many months to apply the actual paint. In short order, we have peeling, chipping, crackling paint everywhere. I have not an idea as to how to proceed with a new paint job.

I recently started to scrape a small section in the hallway; I noticed that what came off easily revealed bare drywall. I think, with some of the surface not coming up as easily as others. Help! This is a disaster. I don’t know how to proceed.

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Crowder Painting answered.

You will need to remove what ever is peeling and loose. Try to minimize the damage to the underlying wall surface. When this scraping is done, sand the entire area with a pole sander and 150 grit paper/screen. Wipe it off to remove the dust then prime everything with a good oil based primer, Kilz or Cover Stain will work well. Allow the primer to dry overnight then do any needed repairs. Make sure to prime the repairs before painting.

The new paint should stick to the newly primed surface. A good oil based primer will do a good job sticking to the damaged wall surfaces.