Paint just peels rite off the walls in my bathroom.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Paint Types and Paint ProblemsPaint just peels rite off the walls in my bathroom.
Robert asked 10 years ago

I painted the bathroom and the paint seems like it did not dry or stick. It’s rubbery and I can scratch it off with a finger nail.

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Crowder Painting answered.

There is a couple of possibilities for this condition. It could be a slow curing paint that simply needs time. Many semi-gloss paints take longer to cure and are rubbery during this process. Another possibility is the walls had soap scum on them and this is reacting with the paint. I have seen both conditions over the years.

Try giving the paint a few more days without using the bathroom for showers or baths and increase the ventilation. Many paints take 2-4 weeks before they are fully cured and high humidity will slow down this process. Hopefully the paint will cure and properly harden.

MagicDave answered.

Start over… baths should ALWAYS be Primed first (after spackling and prep) with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer-Primer… then finish coated using a sheen finish, semi preferred… double roll over the finish coat after it sets up for about 10 min using a "dry roller" (not much wet paint on it) this will tighten up the stipple for a better and more washable finish…