Paint on outside walls inside the home is cracking.

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Lil Murawski asked 9 years ago

I painted all rooms 4 years ago when moving into this home.

Last year I had extra insulation blown into the exterior of the home. Since that was done, there are patches of paint cracking/peeling, but only on the outside walls of some of the rooms.

Does anyone have a solution on what caused this?

I’ve had some of the cracked spots repaired, but did not re-paint to see if anymore cracking would occur and indeed it did.

Any solution???

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juan answered.

It could be the insulation that is causing the problems. Before the insulation moisture could pass freely and harmlessly out of the exterior walls and not affect your interior. Often problems like this occur in areas that are humid, like bathrooms.

Stopping the Deterioration Of Your Paint

First, lightly sand the problem areas to help blend them and avoid an alligator appearance. Second, prime the entire surface being painted with an oil based primer to seal and stop any more moisture from seeping out and ruining further areas.

Before painting make sure there isn't any blemished areas . If you don't see blemished spots go ahead and apply 2 coats of paint.

It is a good idea to have the exterior paint and caulking checked out for failure. Moisture could be migrating into the walls from the outside.

Anonymous answered.

OK, the problem you are having is because you most likely have limited ventilation in your home. The moisture from the interior is going through the walls and condensing on the back of the exterior walls, this makes the wood wet and also the paint will not stick to wet wood. You need to add vents to roof and bath, kitchen areas.