Paint On Top of Silicon Caulk

Conrad asked 9 years ago

I had a new front door installed. I put KILZ on the pressure-treated wood over the weekend. Last night when I tried to paint (hunter green) the frame areas around the door, I was getting “cracking” in the caulked areas. This morning, I looked at the door and I also noticed that the caulk that was painted is getting “mushy and rubbery.”

I am thinking that the contractor used a silicon caulk. I do want to have the hunter green color on the frame areas. I read that I could put a white shellac over the caulk. Should I get rid of the paint that is cracking (if so, how)?
Any suggestions?

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Crowder Painting answered.

No primer on the planet will stick to 100% silicone caulk. The first company that invents a primer for silicone caulk will make a fortune!

I recommend physically removing as much as possible then re-caulking over the affected areas with a good paintable caulking.

If this isn't possible, wipe down the caulking with denatured alcohol and a clean rag then prime with an oil based primer. The primer will never fully adhere to the silicone caulk, but will stick well enough to last for a few months before peeling.

Sorry for the bad news.

Anonymous answered.

Painting un-paintable silicone .

Re-caulk over the silicone with a paintable caulk which contains silicone then paint. it might work then again it might not. I use the water based Zinsser's latex two coats for this situation then a heavy coat of good paint. Rodda makes a silicone paint which might stick.

If you do remove the caulk be sure to use motsenbackers (@ home depot) silicone caulk remover to remove the silicone residue or the new primer won't stick either. 100% silicone caulk should be outlawed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous answered.

Paint over silicon caulk.

Yes you can…If you caulk over top with a siliconized latex caulk. It will stick like a primer. I have 33years experience and have done this many times (407)909-1160 Orlando

Anonymous answered.

This may work.

You could mix a similar color oil paint into the silicone caulk, thin it with naphtha if its too thick and it should work.