Paint over laminate paneling.

Margaret asked 6 years ago

I have laminated wood-look paneling in my family room. I couldn’t afford to replace it, so I had it painted. It looked great at first; but it’s clear now that my painter did not use a proper primer or didn’t prepare the surface properly because the paint has chipped off in various places with just minimal contact. The first chip happened very soon after the job was done. The painter had assured me the paint would adhere to the laminate, but it hasn’t and I feel that I have left the problem too long to go back to him and complain. The problem also applies to the baseboards and the folding closet doors, which aren’t laminate but some kind of wood.

I’m trying to cover up or avoid looking at the places where the paneling shows through but that’s not really a solution. What can I do? Is there any solution short of removing all of the paint and starting over?

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