Paint Peeling on Exterior Doors

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Nora asked 10 years ago

I have exterior steel french doors that came factory primed when I purchased them about 6 years ago. I have painted them 3 times with an exterior oil-based paint and within 4 months the paint started to chip. They look HORRIBLE! Up until last summer they were exposed to the elements, now they are protected by a patio covering. They were first painted white but now I want to paint them a darker color. How do I go about repainting them & not have the paint chip within a few months? Thanks!!!

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MagicDave answered.

Scrape down any peeled paint, to a firm edge… spackle the chipped areas, using an oil based spackling paste… sand lightly, any repairs… Prime the whole door with Zinzer Cover Stain, available at paint stores, or use Kilz Oil Based Exterior Primer Stain Block… then finish coat with a high grade paint… recommend ONLY Sherwin Williams A-100 latex… use a Gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish…