Paint Peeling On Painted Cabinets

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Daisy asked 9 years ago

I painted my kitchen cabinets 1 year ago. I used 2 coats of water based primer sealer and painted 2 coats of 100% Semi-Gloss Enamel (no sanding was done). Now I have spots of paint peeling off, but don’t know how to fix my paint problem, any suggestions? Can I repaint and how? What type of paint?

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Crowder Painting answered.

You will need to sand the peeling areas smooth, prime the spots with an oil based primer, Kilz Oil Base or Zinsser Cover Stain, the repaint the affected areas with your original paint. You might have to paint from wood joint to wood joint.

The problem might continue or come back in the future. The only way to stop it is to do extensive sanding to find all the "loose" paint, prime with the oil base primer then repaint.

Any good acrylic or alkyd paint is fine. The problem is from the lack of sanding and using a water based primer. Fix the areas that are a problem for now then see what happens before extensively repainting your cabinets.

Anonymous answered.

This happened to me also. It turns out it is the movement and humidity (if you painted over wood) the only way I have heard to fix this is to sand the peeling parts off and caulk along the panels in the door then repaint.