Paint Peeling

Angie Hays asked 10 years ago

Interior Room; Washed walls and then put a coat of latex paint on them. By the time I got to the third wall the first wall was bubbling and coming off the wall. Then pulled and scraped as much as I could, some of the paint stayed. I went and got some Kilz primer (oil based) and put on, this also peeled. What is wrong?

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

You are in a situation problem… "What's wrong?" is not the issue… "How do I resolve this?" is the issue…

It's difficult to correct this since the underlying paint probably is the root cause of your problem…

At this point I would use a commercial grade, paint and varnish remover, follow label directions and remove everything on the wall, then sand, prime with an oil primer, then finish coat with a high quality paint, use Sherwin Williams Classic-99