Paint Peeling

Abuahmed asked 10 years ago

Kindly, I just recently finished the roof boundary wall painting, small area was hit by a pipe and the paint and plaster were affected. But after that the paint layer was easy to pull like nothing and in some cases it takes the plaster layer along with it .

See pictures below

The other area where paint is peeling is around the windows but here the case is slightly different as only the paint layer gets removed and you can see that under it the primer layer is fixed means only the paint layer peels out. Please refer to the other pics.

I would like your help in this regards at earliest.

Note: second pic is not ready, please feedback on the above first.

Kind regards

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Looks like there was really no primer underneath to bind the paint…

Scrape it all down to a firm edge, then spackle those edges smooth, then use a pigmented shellac sealer primer over the whole complete surface including the rest of the painted areas… then repaint…