Paint Question

Jeff Kerr asked 10 years ago

I was watching a television program one night and a painter put a small can of paint in the freezer. Her husband saw her and she said it was an old painters trick. What is the deal with that?

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

This only works with solvent (oil-based) catalyzed finishes, example- solvent epoxies. The idea is this;

1- Catalyzed finishes have a short open time, cab be 1 hour – 4 hours. That is the time they can be applied. After this time they are ruined if still not applied.
2- The open time can be extended if the temperature is reduced. 35 degrees for water based finishes and below 32 for solvent based finishes.

This is an old trick going back before I was ever born but it really doesn't work very well with modern catalyzed finishes, they have gone through many reformulations.