Paint Roller Marks

Becky asked 10 years ago

My walls have been painted several times with light blue and white. Now I’m trying a red-rust color and have roller marks – it looks horrible. What can I do?

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Crowder Painting answered.

In order to get rid of the roller marks you will have to repaint the wall or walls that are affected. Before you start reapplying the paint consider the basic causes of roller marks.

1) Quality of the Paint – High quality paint is easier to apply and spreads or levels more evenly than cheap paint. Always buy the best you can afford.

2) Sheen – Typically flat paints are a little harder to apply. Even a slight sheen, like eggshell, will slide on the surface a little easier. Think of it this way, flat paint will require a little more pressure on the roller cover when compared to paint with more sheen.

3) Condition the Paint – To help the paint spread out on the wall, provide better leveling qualities and keep that all important wet edge (especially with dark paint colors) consider adding a paint conditioner. For water based paints I like Flotrol, available at your local paint store. As a general rule I add 1/2 gallon of Flotrol to 5 gallons of paint. More can be added if your paint is very thick to begin with.

4) Quality Roller Frame and Roller Cover – Many paint problems are caused by cheap tools. We've all seen it at the hardware store, a roller pan (or bed pan), a cheap flimsy roller frame and a inadequate (junk) roller cover for a few bucks. You will work really hard and not achieve good results.

5) Good painting tools, like what I use, cost just a little more. Consider purchasing a good rigid roller frame, high quality lamb's wool roller cover and a good roller pole (instead of a broom stick). Also consider using a 5 gallon bucket and roller screen, better than a "bed pan" any day. A good roller cover will require less pressure to distribute the paint and the rest will make your painting more enjoyable.

6) Thickness of the Roller Cover – A roller cover that is too thick or too thin will leave roller marks. For smooth surfaces use 3/8 or 1/2 inch nap thickness, textured walls are best painted with a 3/4 inch thick cover.

Using good tools, conditioning the paint and a good paint rolling technique the end result should be no roller marks and a better looking wall.

Anonymous answered.

Painting Red

How many coats did you put on the wall? I'm a painter and red usually takes 3-4 coats to cover good unless you prime the walls with a gray tinted primer and then put two coats on, which means 3 coats anyway.

Anonymous answered.

If you are painting with a red it is important to remember that primer is cheaper than paint and that if you don't use a tinted gray primer, that even with multiple coats you will be able to see color underneath. This is because some colors are transparent.

Anonymous answered.

Painting with the color red

Red paint is the hardest paint to use, it separates the men from the boy's. As one painter said before, me use a gray paint of primer the first coat. For some reason the gray color is not hard for red color to cover, then make sure you are not dry rolling, or trying to go too far with each dip of paint. You want to keep what painters call a wet edge, this means that all you paint laps need to lead into wet paint and not dry. Do not put pressure on the edges of the roller when you paint this causes roller lines.

Anonymous answered.

Well after reading this is I went down the list and well i don't no what i did wrong. I got the best roller covers I could buy they were $6 a piece!!!

I got high quality paint that has no sheen-Its flat or matte.

I got all new equipment and now there's roller marks when u look at it from the side.

(My roller is 3/8 on a flat wall. Also the wall is going to be green.)

Do I have to paint it faster?

Does the the paint need more sheen?