Paint vs Stain

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

What is the difference between a good Exterior Paint vs a Solid color Stain? I went to Lowe’s to buy exterior paint and found the color I wanted in the solid stains chart but the cost was 50% higher than the latex exterior paint. Is the quality that different??

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Yes, the quality is that different. But in the opposite direction. Paints are designed as a 6 – 10 year finish whereas solid stains are generally considered good for 3 – 4 year durability. Try your local paint dealer for more accurate pricing across the board on coatings.

Paints will cover both the grain and the texture of the wood and usually provide a higher film build thereby lasting longer as a finish.

Solid stains will cover the grain of the wood but leave the texture of the wood more exposed.