Paint walls that have previous peeled away paint damage.

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Susan asked 9 years ago

How do I paint walls a solid color when there is MUCH previous peeled away paint damage?

I am painting a small bathroom in our new house. The plaster walls had three coats of paint, with peeling layers. After two primer coats you can still see many many uneven areas. I need to paint the walls a solid color. How can I do this without the uneven patches showing through? Due to time constraints AND lead paint issues, I can’t backtrack and sand or patch. Any suggestions? What are the tricks to using a sand additive to paint? I got a box of this, but it doesn’t have directions…

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Crowder Painting answered.

Applying a light texture, such a a sand texture, will help cover many of the uneven patched areas. Expect some to still show through. You could also apply a heavier texture paint that will have a better time covering this up. Many manufactures make a texture paint already mixed and ready to go. Another option is using drywall mud, thinned, and either a texture roller or stomping texture brush for a thicker more pronounced look.

Sand Texture

Most boxes of this texture are designed for 2 gallons. It should say on the container. If not, mix half with a gallon of paint and see what it looks like. You can add more for a more dramatic look. You can remove the texture before it dries with a wet rag and water.

Apply with a paint roller in one direction only. This is important, rolling back and forth with produce an uneven look. Also mix the paint often. The sand settles out of the paint quickly, ending up on the bottom of the bucket.

Texture Paint

Many manufactures make a pre-mixed paint that has the texture already in it. This is a little easier to use and there is no guessing about mixing ratios.

Texture paint is available in different consistencies for different effects. It's applied with a roller, often the manufacture has their own special roller for this purpose.

Drywall Mud Texture

There is a lot of possibilities with drywall mud. The easiest textures are using a special texture roller, different patterns are available, or a texture brush. This will require a little experimentation, but drywall mud is cheap and the roller or brush can be used over and over.