Paint Window Trim White

David asked 10 years ago

We are putting Hardi Board on our house, with trim work around the windows, new post and rail on front and back porches, as well as columns. Our windows are are a dark brown color, not the typical white. If we paint the window trim white, will the resulting look be bad? Will the dark brown around the windows contrast with white trim? We wanted to paint the new post and rails, as well as the columns in the same white. Right now were thinking of a brown, taupe, color from Benjamin Moore: Free Spirit, for the new Hardi Board.

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

Well first of all about painting the window trim in white.. I believe is an awesome choice because it'd bring out the windows to the people passing by and will definitely contrast with the brown windows you're having already. When the window is left open also, the white color will give a pleasant appearance to what the people can view inside the room. I checked the color "Free Spirit" and this color should match your windows pretty much. But I believe when you're choosing a dark color like BROWN for your windows, the Hardie board should have a lighter shade. I found a shade called "Antique Pearl" from Benjamin Moore and I think it would gel awesomely with your brown windows if applied two coats minimum. The two coats is required to make the window trim appear good in the white color you suggested. Hope I was of some help. Thanks 🙂

Anonymous answered.

I think if you do the window trim post and rails as well as the columns all white it will off set the other colors you might want.