Painted cabinets peeling.

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kartik asked 10 years ago

I just painted my kitchen cabinets and put up the doors and now the paint is peeling where the doors meet the cabinet frame. I was told that in lieu of sanding I could use a deglosser, which I did. I put on one coat of latex primer and three coats of gloss paint. I let everything dry for 3 days before putting the cabinets doors back on last night. This morning, when I opened some of the cabinets, the paint was peeling from where the door touches the cabinet frame.

I spent a lot of time painting these cabinets and am very frustrated that the paint is peeling. What can I do to stop the peeling?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The primer and paint hasn't cured yet. This process will take 2 or more weeks and during this time your paint will be soft and able to stick to itself. Prop open the doors and drawers, leave some space between these items and the frame.

Give it time. The latex primer is slowly curing under the paint, plus the paint needs to cure.