Painting a finished concrete floor.

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Mike R. asked 10 years ago

I purchased my house 26 years ago. Part of the basement was unfinished when I moved it, but the concrete floor was painted. I noticed that the paint did not last long, so I have repainted it several times. I am thinking of painting it again. I looked into epoxy paint, but they are for unfinished concrete floors and my is finished. Do I need to wire brush the floor so that the paint will adhere better? Would putting a primer down have any value?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Your floor will need a good cleaning and some sanding to remove any loose paint and roughen the surface. Wipe it off once again to remove dust and your ready to apply an epoxy. Epoxy floor paints can be applied to both raw (unpainted) and previously painted floors without the need for a primer. The key to lasting success is the preparation.

Not all epoxies are the same. Check with the manufacture for preparation recommendations.