Painting a guest bedroom with a pitched ceiling.

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Sara K asked 10 years ago

The 2nd floor of our cape code home has a pitched ceiling giving the illusion of being quite small. While the floor measurements of the room are approx. 14X10 the walls come up to about 3ft and then begin to slope. Not wanting the room to seem closed in, I have been looking for a painting strategy to help give the illusion that it is open and inviting. We favor warm earth tones to go with the rest of our house.

Also, do I paint the ceiling which is approx. 4 feet wide or do I leave it white?

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Crowder Painting answered.

You have a couple of choices. Either paint the walls and ceiling all one color or paint the 3ft walls the wall color (earth toned) and paint the rest a ceiling color. The ceiling color could be 2 shades lighter than the wall.

Painting the sloping walls the ceiling color would give an illusion of height. Keeping the ceiling paint color in the same family as the walls, a couple of shades lighter, would provide some continuity to the room.