Painting a room which was last painted in 1950

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Eliza asked 6 years ago

This room was initially used as a workshop for a wood crafting hobbyist (when home was purchased in 1950). The plan to eventually turn it into a spare bedroom/guest room was never realized. Instead, it became a room to store belongings (since 1970). Imagine an “attic room”, for the past 38 years.

The room was originally painted in a dark green/cream colored paint, appears to be a matte finish. It has never been repainted. The floor has me puzzled. Has a somewhat rugged look, wooden planks (not very wide) which appear to be painted or stained with a redwood look. I keep thinking of picnic table wood. Keep in mind, this room was originally dedicated to home projects, so lots of saw dust collected on the floors, back then, too.

My intention is to use this room as a productive living space, possibly an art studio. I know primer will be necessary. Which would be the best type to use, considering the walls are so dark? How can I best prepare the walls, prior to using primer paint? Will I be able to select any light colored paint of my choice, following the primer coat(s)? Any suggestions on how to proceed with treating the floor? Indoor paint for floors(????) or perhaps having carpet installed over existing floor.

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