Painting a small room a dark color and I have a lot of trim and doors which will be painted light.

Irene asked 4 years ago

I am not sure how it will look if I paint a small room a dark color when one wall has three doors -the entry door plus two closet. The trim and doors I plan to paint a cream color. There is a small section which will be painted the dark color. I was wondering if we should paint the whole wall cream?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The trim and doors will be the main dominate color while the walls will be the accent. You don't mention the ceiling; this could be painted the same wall color. With the ceiling painted the dark color the room should look good with well defined trim and doors.

My concern for a small room painted dark colours is always the size. The darker the colour the smaller the room will seem. I disagree strongly with the suggestion to paint the ceiling dark as well since that will make the room appear even smaller. If you do continue down the path of dark I do agree that the one wall with three doors will be accented quite nicely with a darker wall colour. The final decision is yours, so paint to your taste. Good luck.

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