Painting a wall with an uneven texture.

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Pat asked 10 years ago

We are painting our 3rd floor condo which we plan to sell shortly. It is completely painted but we have a common wall with the foyer of the condo and it has a lumpy texture to it. We think perhaps this is affecting our wall that butts up to it. Are we correct? And how do we fix the problem? We have applied 3 coats of paint on that wall and it still looks very uneven with roller and even brush marks all over it. Don’t know how to remedy the problem. Did not use a primer. The rest of the painted condo walls look wonderful but they don’t share the common entry foyer wall. Any ideas on how to fix the problem are appreciated.

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Crowder Painting answered.

I have a couple questions; What paint are you using? What is the thickness of your roller cover? It is possible the roller cover isn't thick enough to push paint into the texture.

Also, can you try to upload an image again. This would be very helpful.