Painting after removing wallpaper?

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Sarah asked 10 years ago

The previous owners of our house wallpapered the kitchen and now we’re trying to paint the walls. We’ve removed some wallpaper, and it’s down to the drywall. Nothing under the wallpaper was primed or painted previously, so my question is, what do we do now? Can we paint directly on the drywall? Or do we have to texturize or prime it in some way?

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Crowder Painting answered.

You can paint the exposed drywall and the stuck wallpaper by priming it first. Use an oil base primer, like Kilz or Cover Stain. This will seal it up for either repair and texture or paint.

It is best to repair the walls after priming. Regular drywall mud can be used to hide surface defects. You can also apply a texture after the primer and major repairs are finished.