Painting again 5 years later

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Tom O'Leary asked 5 years ago

If, for example, I prime and paint a room, use good paint and tools, do a great job…then 5 years later want the room painted again…Do i need to prime the walls again?

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MagicDave answered.

First, why did you prime it originally? Primer is only required in certain conditions, like if you are painting over a new dry wall, or new plaster surface, of if there are numerous areas where holes or cracks or other defects have been repaired or if there are lots of stains or marks all over, and spot priming is not sufficient…
So to answer your question, assuming you actually did use high quality materials and applied them correctly, then no further priming (using an actual primer, water based) is needed now, however if you are going from a REAL dark color, to a REAL light color, then you can simply give it 2 coats to insure complete coverage, or just give the first coat as a WASH coat, and then the final coat in a finish coat fashion…
Otherwise 1 coat, using a high quality brand like Sherwin Williams, or Behr applied correctly will do the job… perhaps just “double rolling” if you are using a sheen finish, like satin, semi or gloss… Good Luck¬†