Painting an enclosed trailer floor?

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John Murphy asked 4 years ago

Our Fire Department was recently donated a 16ft enclosed trailer. The floors are still solid and rot free but will need sanding. We would like to paint the floor so that we can seal it and add a non-slip texture to it. This trailer will be used sporadically but will be walked on with heavy fire boots in all types weather when it is used. We are unsure which type (oil/latex) primer and paint we should use and how to prep/paint so that we get maximum durability and longevity before we have to repaint.

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jacksonnoah11 answered.

I would go with a garage floor product. I know it’s made for cement but I think it will work just as well on your wood trailer floor.

I just bought a trailer but didn’t get around to painting the floor yet.

MagicDave answered.

Use a Porch & Deck Enamel, Sherwin Williams or Behr brand… color of choice… one heavy coat should work… you can add a powder grit to the paint can first to give it a non slip surface, ask the store for details…
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