Painting cast iron brackets on wood colomns?

Questions & AnswersPainting cast iron brackets on wood colomns?
BIG asked 10 years ago

28 columns per floor. 4 floors. 56 joist hangers per floor and roughly 20, 10′ I beams in total all being painted a rust proof flat black. I need to mask around all parts, wire brush the metal and spray all parts. I’ve never priced something like this before. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Anonymous answered.

Be careful, this is a lot of time consuming work. This isn't so much materials as it is labor. Some suggestions; A lift might be worth while renting but they are expensive, rolling scaffolding is much cheaper. If you have 2 scaffolds and 3 people, one could be masking, one spraying and the other running back and forth moving the scaffolding and looking after the airless.