Painting door between bathroom and hallway.

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Lisa asked 10 years ago

We have remodeled our bathroom with cabinets and trim that are an alabaster color. The trim and stairway handrail in the hallway entering the bathroom is white. The door swings into the bathroom. My question is: Do I paint the front of the door to match the bathroom trim (alabaster) so when it is open is matches the bathroom, or do I paint it white so it matches the hallway trim when it is closed? This is an upstairs bath and the door remains open at all times except when showering or using the toilet. I have painted the back of the door alabaster to match the bathroom, but am in a dilemma on what color to paint the front of the door. Match what you see when open (alabaster) or match what you see when closed (white)???

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MagicDave answered.

It's really up to you, but technically that side should be painted to match the hallway…