Painting Doors, What Color?

Herb Staff asked 4 years ago

Do the doors in a hallway get painted the same color as the trim or do they get the wall color?

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crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

Typically the doors are the same paint color as the rest of the trim. This is easy to do and provides a clean look, but every once in a while I have a customer that wants something a bit different.

The doors could become an accent color that compliments the walls. Example, lets say the walls are a light beige color with light or white trim. The doors could be painted with a color 1-2 shades darker than the walls. This would compliment the wall color and provide better definition of each door opening. I have done this and it does look good, if the right colors are chosen.

The bottom line is there isn't a set standard for choosing a paint color just a typical way of doing it. The nice is "if you don?t like it you just repaint it".

Anonymous Staff answered 8 years ago

My wall color is kind of a neutral color. My painter suggested to use pearl white on the ceiling as well as the doors and the door frames and the base boards… I'm used to having it white (paper white…. is this a new trend or something? is white still OK?

crowderpainting Staff answered 8 years ago

Pearl white is still a very light white color. Plus, when fully applied it will look white-white. Painting the ceilings the same white color as the trim looks really good and add continuity to the color scheme. Have the painter do a sample of the pearl white too make sure you like it before starting.

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