Painting Eaves on House

George asked 9 years ago

What do you do to paint eaves on a two story house with concrete tile roofing, particularly trying to avoid breaking the tiles on the roof?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Eaves are the part of the roof that extends over the exterior walls and can be boxed or the framing and roof decking left exposed, depending on your homes style.

The fascia boards connect to the eaves and the gutters connect to the fascia boards. Eaves are also called soffits and can be a separate color than the fascia boards.

Eaves and fascia boards are best painted using an extension ladder. They can be rolled or carefully sprayed depending on your homes construction and skill. To only paint the eaves, plan on using a roller and brush.

Painting the eaves of a 2 story home offers the greatest challenge. A small roller and 2 gallon bucket can be used. This set-up is hung from a ladder rung using a pot hook, available at your local paint store. (Check out the photo for inspiration.)

If the height is a concern, paint what you feel comfortable doing and hire a painting contractor for the rest.

Anonymous answered.

The Spanish tile overlap the eave. Do the Spanish tile(last row) need to be removed?

Crowder Painting answered.

Cut in to the tile. It would be nice to paint the entire area under the tile, but this would be a lot more work and possible expense.

Anonymous answered.

Not walking on clay roof tiles.

How do you paint eves and walls that are above a roof with clay tiles without breaking the tiles?

Crowder Painting answered.

Custom Walk Boards

I build walk boards out of 3/8 inch plywood and 1 1/2 inch foam. The plywood is cut in half, 24 inches, and the foam, foundation insulation foam, is attached with Liquid Nails. This give you 2×8 walk boards. These spread out the weight over the tile, lessening the chance of breakage. Works well with most roof tiles.