Painting Enframed Wall

Daryl Mesa asked 10 years ago

I have a living room with a semi-attached dining room. The dining room wall is enframed by a double door door frame in the living room; My question is if I paint the living room wall and the (enframed) dining room wall, what would be the effect? Would the living room look larger by ‘pushing’ the wall back or would it be the opposite and bring the far wall ‘forward’. What would be the effect if I painted the 2 walls different colors?

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

In my opinion, the rooms would look larger. However, different colors can have different effects. Also, I would not paint the two room opposite colors. I would paint them the same color or two shades that are very close.

Anonymous answered.

I would not paint the 2 walls different colors if you are looking for a way to enlarge the room. Painting them 2 different colors will draw your eye to them and make the room appear smaller. I'd suggest a light color – such as a light cream/yellow or very light blue – on the 2 walls which should make the room appear larger. If you're trying to make the room look smaller paint the 2 walls a darker color such as maroon or dark blue.