Painting Garage Floors

Mike asked 10 years ago

How late in the season can I paint a garage floor. Unheated? Heated? What temp should the floor be? I am in Boston, Home of the champion Red Sox, Pat’s, Celts, Bruins & it’s cold here now, 25F.

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

A garage floor can be painted any time of the year as long as a decent temperature can be maintained during the application and curing of the finish. Paint manufactures recommend a minimum surface temperature of 55 degrees for most types of floor paint.

The best temperature is around 76 degrees. These recommendations apply to the floors surface whether it is heated or unheated.

MagicDave answered.

I think it is unpractical to paint a garage floor during the “off” season… simply because the job needs at least 2 weeks of cure time and since you should not subject it to harsh conditions such as hot tire contact with added possible salt and/or other rode surface additives that are commonly used in winter time, … in addition keeping the floor surface at least 50F for 2 weeks would be difficult at best during that time…
Wait till spring… Good Luck!