Painting grey/white bricks.

Vickie asked 10 years ago

Brick work on house needs painting as some of bricks have lost their color. Original bricks were ordered from Mississippi and are over-sized. After years of wear on steps and around porch from pressure washing all I see is a dirty red color. How can I paint these brick to blend back in with the others?

1 Answers
JT Creations, LLC answered.

You can color them with a wash made from a flat latex exterior paint tinted to a color slightly darker than the bricks you are trying to match. Any actual build-up of a coating will not adhere to bricks being used as steps. The bricks are baked and not porous enough to allow the coating a good adhesion.

If I were hired to achieve this, I would get 3 – 4 colors slightly different in toning as brick do not actually "match" anyway.