Painting large wall from extension ladder

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Gordon asked 6 years ago

I’m in the process of (trying) to paint my pretty large house. I have a particularly large 2 story wall of cedar siding with only a few small windows. Have always heard to start from the top. The peak on this thing is about 25 ft up. But how do I keep a wet edge in starting from the top? If I start at the top, after a few feet down I need to move the ladder. Let’s say I get the center peak done and move the ladder to the left. Then do I keep moving the ladder to the right until I hit the right edge of the house, then lower in another couple of rungs and go back to the left edge and work my way across, or lower it and stay on the right and work back across to the left, then lower and work back across to the right, etc? Or would it be better to go about halfway up, do all of the wall across and down, then move the ladder up? thanks.

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