Painting my bathroom ceiling.

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Can I paint a small bathroom the same color on the ceiling and will it look bigger if I do so? I have a sky light in the bathroom so it appears to look bigger because of it but it is a small bathroom. I am attaching pictures as my paint color is light. Thanks

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Anonymous answered.

No it is not nice when you painting the same color to the ceiling. You should select the bright color to the room. It is good to be make a picture to the room.

Anonymous answered.

Yes, I have already done this in my bathroom and other rooms in my house. It works very well where you have a sloping ceiling as it looks like a continuation of the walls and makes the room look bigger. It can work in a small room just as well though I feel it tends to be easier on the eye. The one important thing to remember though is to make sure the paint colour is not too dark as this would make the room look smaller and make sure you use waterproof paint in the bathroom as it washes easily! Good luck!